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Why we love these Murano light fixtures

Why we love these Murano light fixtures

Here at Daniels Antiques we love the real stuff. The high quality, historically rich, authentic stuff. For this reason, we acquired this pair of 1950s golden Murano light fixtures. These original light fixtures are in the elegant shape of leaves, and display a golden shine when turned on. They are a wonderful piece to adorn any wall and bring livelihood to any room!

Murano glass is original from the Venetian island of, you guessed it, Murano. It has been an important source of trade in the Italian city for about 1,500 years. Murano was the first major glass-making center in all of Europe, and eventually became the elite glass-making center of Europe! The occupation and dissolution of the Venetian state by Napoleon Bonaparte during the late 19th century caused somewhat of a halt in Murano glass production, but, lucky for us, Murano glass-making experienced a revival during the 1920s.

You might be wondering, why is Murano glass itself so coveted? Well, Murano glass is very special in its composition, the exact recipe of which is kind of a secret that has been very well kept by Murano glass-makers. The base of Murano glass is a clear, homogeneous mixture of a variety of powders, which are heated until they become a paste and left to cool (this is when it becomes glass). It is colored by the glass’ reaction to added “fluxes”, which are minerals, oxides, and chemical derivatives that create the beautiful colors that Murano glass is known for. Every piece of Murano glass is unique and has been carefully made by a Venetian artisan.

Our pair 1950s Murano Light Fixtures have been brightening our store for a bit of time now; the effect that they have in person is truly mesmerizing. The golden light emanates from the inside of the fixtures and expand throughout the wall. The golden color of the glass shines ever so delicate and heavenly. They are incredibly special pieces, and anyone would be lucky to have such a wonderful part of history embellishing their home.