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This is a Louis Vuitton Trunk, We Promise!

Rare Hermetically Sealed Zinc Louis Vuitton Cabin Trunk, circa 1885 Daniels Antiques

This is a Louis Vuitton Trunk, We Promise!

UPDATED ON July 15th, 2019 – We currently have a Louis Vuitton Zinc Trunk at our store in Aspen, CO!

Not many people know the history of the zinc Louis Vuitton Trunk, that Louis Vuitton was making trunks in the 1880’s, and even less know who he had in mind when crafting them. Trunks like the Hermetically Sealed Zinc Trunk pictured below were created for explorers with discovery on the brain!

LV Zinc Trunk Daniels Antiques

We were fortunate enough to come across an extremely rare, and highly sought-after all-zinc covered small Malle Cabine (Cabin Trunk) with an all brass trim, LV brass studs, copper pins, brass side handles and locks, with two wooden slats to the top, and a single slat to the front. The interior with original label, and plain with no fittings or trays. These very early and rare all-metal bound pieces provided a hermetic seal for the trunk’s contents, assuring the owner that their belongings stayed clean and dry on journeys to inhospitable and humid climates. The award winning lock system paired with the zinc allowed the trunk to be impervious to water, and protected the original owner’s possessions not only from the elements but from thieves. Louis Vuitton also made cases like this for photographic equipment!

LV Zinc Trunk Daniels Antiques

Whether you were going to Paris or the Congo, it was expected that you looked as fashionable as possible at all times, requiring you to stay fresh and change often. This etiquette made having reliable luggage a worthwhile investment, such as this Louis Vuitton Zinc Trunk. The locks on this trunk are the signature and revolutionary burglar proof locks and the bottom of the trunk features the original casters. The Louis Vuitton Company received many letters of thanks and congratulations from distinguished travelers, members of the military, and private citizens, all hailing the Zinc Trunk.

Here is a look at what the LV Monogramed tag Circa 1890 is like!


This item is over 100 years old. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!

It is important to note that this absolutely stunning piece is no longer in our possession. We have only come across a small number of these Zinc Trunk from Louis Vuitton since we started doing business in the 1970’s. We hope to uncover more in the future and the stories they tell! Another fun fact, there are NO OTHERS currently up for purchase! At least that we know of.

Do you have a trunk that looks like this or know of someone who does? We would love to hear from you!