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St. Elwyn’s fire

St. Elwyn’s fire




In 1938, under the ownership of South American Saint Line, the St. Elwyn Cargo ship was built by Thompson Joseph L. & Sons. On November 28, 1940 while on voyage from Hull to Santos with a cargo of coal about 500 miles east of Bishop Rock the St. Elwyn was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine U-103. In total 24 crew members were lost, including the Captain. 16 crew members were picked up around midnight on the 3rd/4th of December by the British merchant Leeds City and later landed at Gourock.

St. Elwyn Daniels AntiquesBelow is a first hand account of a crew member who survived the torpedo strike and the events which later occurred.


There is not much other history on the St. Elwyn, but it made a lasting impact of those influenced by its sudden and tragic sinking. To see more photographs our Ship Builders Model of the St. Elwyn check out the link below!