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Is it a desk? Is it a trunk? It’s a Louis Vuitton desk trunk!

Is it a desk? Is it a trunk? It’s a Louis Vuitton desk trunk!

Our love for antique curiosities is evident from our diverse and sometimes eccentric collection. One of such items of interest is an extremely rare piece of which not many were produced; the Louis Vuitton desk trunk. The first Louis Vuitton desk trunks were produced during the 1920s, and were almost exclusively custom made for clients. These exquisite pieces were coveted by many upper echelon individuals, including Princess Lobanov de Rostov, whose extensive collection of luxury traveling equipment included her own Louis Vuitton desk-trunk. 

The Louis Vuitton desk-trunk is exactly what it sounds like: a trunk with a built in desk, which would make actions such as writing or fixing one’s make-up all the more convenient while traveling. In the trunk seen below, the desk element pulls out of the upper part of the trunk and can be retracted back into the trunk. It occupies minimal space and dons an iconic Louis Vuitton tag.

This Louis Vuitton desk trunk is from 1920 and is covered by the classic LV monogram. It has multiple drawers and compartments for storage; the top-most drawer would have been used for laundry. The desk piece is made of wood and finished with a dark brown Vuitton canvas.

Fun Fact! Desk trunks, along with secretaries, are the tallest types of Louis Vuitton trunks.