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GREETINGS from Planet Lunardon – Massimo Lunardon Glass Work

Cosmic Cat by Massimo Lunardon Daniels Antiques

GREETINGS from Planet Lunardon – Massimo Lunardon Glass Work

Cosmic Cat by Massimo Lunardon Daniels Antiques

Greetings earthlings! My name is Cosmic Cat- a very friendly creature from Planet Lunardon. On planet Lunardon, every home must have a cute animal companion, such as this Cosmic Cat. Made from borosilicate glass by acclaimed artist Massimo Lunardon, this bright-eyed cat is up for adoption and looking for a new home on Earth. His metallic, triangular head and tear-drop body are full of one thing; love.



Massimo Lunardon is an artist with a unique, free-spirited- alien flair for glass blowing! Born in Marostica, Viceriza, Massimo grew his talent into fame. He has humble roots grounded in studying and years of apprenticeship in glass furnaces. In 1988 he opened his own workshop and from there he gained notice working with various firms such as Artemide, Tag Heurer and Mount Blanc. Those partnerships furthered Massimo to start his own unique line of glasswork. His art continues to gain fame and has been exhibited internationally in museums, galleries, and institutions like Sotheby’s London. All of his one of a kind creations are produced in San Giorgio de Perlena, Italy.


Artist, Massimo Lunardon at work in his San Giorgio de Perlena, Italy studio.

Massimo Lunardon started his company in 1996 as a creative place for collaboration and growth between artists of all kind. Since then he has hosted workshops, classes, artistic campaigns and has shown in some of the top galleries and exhibitions in the world.


Aliens, Massimo Lunardon.


You can find is work at high end retail stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus!



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Cosmic Cat is still up for adoption and currently resides at our Las Olas Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, FL! We do hope you consider taking home Cosmic Cat, who is sure to put a purrfect smile on all who meet him! To inquire about Cosmic Cat click HERE!