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1940s German Schneider 10×80 Binoculars

Daniels Antiques / 1940s German Schneider 10×80 Binoculars

1940s German Schneider 10×80 Binoculars


These World War II German 10×80 Binoculars, circa early 1940s, were produced by Schneider in Kreuznach, Germany. Founded in Kreuznach by Joseph Schneider in 1913, Schneider optics became one of the leaders in German optics, and by the second World War, were producing the bulk of the 45 degree angled 10 x 80 binoculars. The wartime code “dkl” engraved on the side of the binoculars designate that this is an original Schneider pair of binoculars.


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