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World War II German 10×80 Binoculars by Schneider

Daniels Antiques / World War II German 10×80 Binoculars by Schneider
World War II German 10x80 Binoculars by Schneider
World War II German 10x80 Binoculars by Schneider

World War II German 10×80 Binoculars by Schneider


These binoculars, circa early 1940s, were originally produced by Schneider in Kreuznach, Germany. Founded in Bad Kreuznach by Joseph Schneider in 1913, Schneider optics became one of the leaders in German optics, and by the second World War, were producing the bulk of the 45 degree angled 10 x 80 binoculars. This pair in particular of the optics have the wartime code for the company, “dkl”, engraved on the right side, in its place is the manufactures name. They were still just known as “D.F.” which can be seen on the right side of the optics. Wartime codes became necessary so that if the binoculars were captured by the enemy, the location of the binoculars factory would remain a secret. Also on the back right housing of the binoculars, you will see “D.F. 10 x 80” engraved. “D.F” was the abbreviation for “doppelfernrohr,” which translates to mean double telescope. “10 x 80” refers to the 10 power with 80mm objective lenses, the latter of which also refers to the field of vision. Note the first lubricant code placed directly under the serial number.

The binoculars also feature four types of internal filters, or sun shades. There is clear, light gray, medium dark, and very dark gray. The light gray filters allow for better contrast in poor lighting conditions, and the very dark gray filter allows for objects to be viewed in bright sunlight. This filter was important to have due to the military tactic of planes flying in the sun so they couldn’t be seen from land. (We do not recommend looking directly in the sun with these.)These binoculars were ruggedly constructed and essentially bulletproof, designed to withstand the perilous conditions of the battlefield. They aided in the following wartime tasks: daylight observation of enemy troop movements; directing fire from artillery toward advancing enemy troops and armor; directing fire at unfriendly aircraft; and night observation.The 45 degree angle is one of the most comfortable angles to help an observer sustain for extended watches. The viewer could view any object with ease, whether the object was on the same plane as the observer, or in the air.Schneider-Kreuznach optics still exists today, and like Zeiss, have become known for their wonderful camera lenses.


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