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Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e

Daniels Antiques / Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e
Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e Daniels Antiques
Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e Daniels Antiques

Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e


The Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e were designed by Geoffrey de Havilland and took its first flight in 1912. At first, BE2s were shot down in droves, and it was quickly realized that these planes could not fight a fair fight against their German counterparts. The reason for this was because they could not defend themselves properly, they were too slow, and too stable. However, their infamous stability made them excellent reconnaissance planes, as well as aerial photographers. When they were not in air-to-air battle, the BE2s had a relatively low accident rate. This made from scratch model built in the 1950s is a variant known as the BE2e, which was the final version of the BE2 model. BE2e were distinguished from other variants because of their new wings and their single pair of interplant struts on each side. They used the same engine as the earlier models, so unfortunately this did not make them ready for battle. The BE2es reached a maximum speed of 90 mph, had a ceiling of 9000 feet, could hold two crew members, and had an endurance of two hours and fifteen minutes.
Product Category: Transportation Models

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Era Category: 1940-1950




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