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Regional Jet Engine Cowling Mirror

Daniels Antiques / Regional Jet Engine Cowling Mirror

Regional Jet Engine Cowling Mirror

Height:  45 inches

Width:  45 inches

Depth:  21 inches


This stunning mirror is sure to elevate your design. The frame of the mirror is an actual engine cowling from a regional jet. A regional jet is a class of short to medium-range turbofan powered regional airliners. The term “regional jet” describes a range of short to medium-haul turbofan-powered aircrafts, whose use throughout the world expanded after the advent of airline deregulation in the United States in 1978. This custom-made piece made exclusively by Daniels Antiques would look great in a dining room, living room, or work space. Many of the post World War II airliners were often used on shorter and economically significant prestige routes such as London-Paris, or New York-Chicago, by the world’s major airlines. The mirror has great depth, and will add a sense of sleek industrialism to your room.


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