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R.A.F. SE5

Daniels Antiques / R.A.F. SE5
R.A.F. SE5 Daniels AntiquesR.A.F. SE5
R.A.F. SE5 Daniels Antiques
R.A.F. SE5

R.A.F. SE5


The Scout Experimental 5, or SE5, was designed by Henry P. Folland, John Kenworthy, and Major Frank Goodden of the Royal AircraftFactory. Its maiden flight was on November 22, 1916, and it was introduced into squadrons in 1917. Quickly, the SE5 became a plane to be reckoned with, and a power player in the successes of Allied forces. Reaching speeds of 138 mph, it was the fastest plane of the war. The SE5 was maneuverable and stable, making it an excellent gunnery platform. They were outfitted with a .303 Vickers machine gun and a wing mounted Lewis gun. It outperformed the German fighter planes, and with the help of the Sopwith Camels, by mid-1917 Allied forces had regained air superiority and maintained it for the duration of the war.



Product Category: Transportation Models

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Era Category: 1940-1950




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