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Pair of 19th Century Cary’s Globes

Daniels Antiques / Pair of 19th Century Cary’s Globes
Pair of 19th Century Cary's Globes Daniels Antiques
Pair of 19th Century Cary's Globes Daniels Antiques

Pair of 19th Century Cary’s Globes


Height:  18 inches

Width:  16 inch diameter


This gorgeous pair of globes was made by preeminent globe makers John and William Cary of London. These two brothers are known as the greatest globe makers of their era, which was at the turn of the 19th century.

These precise instruments were integral to any business, especially a business involved in global trade. One globe accurately depicts the terrestrial world, while the other globe features the celestial world. Celestial globes were usually made before the terrestrial globe, because the stars were believed to be unchanging, while explorers were constantly discovering new lands that needed to be added to the terrestrial globe. This celestial globe dates 1816, with calculations from 1800, while the terrestrial globe dates from 1821, and features the most current information available at that time.

Both 12-inch globes rest on Regency-period mahogany stands, and feature a beautiful patina.

The terrestrial globe is inscribed “CARY’S NEW TERRESTRIAL GLOBE, Delineated from the Best Authorities Extant; Exhibiting the Late Discoveries towards the NORTH POLE and every improvement in Geography to the present Time, LONDON; Published G. & J. Cary, St. James Street, March 15th 1821.”

The celestial globe is inscribed within a rectangular label, “CARY’S NEW CELESTIAL GLOBE ON WHICH are correctly laid down upwards of 3500 stars, Selected from the most accurate observations, and calculated for the Year 1800, With the exient of each Constellation precisely defined by Mr. Gilpin of the ROYAL SOCIETY/Made and Sold by J. & W. Cary No. 181 Strand London Jan 1816.”



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