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Pace 1940 PACES RACES “Red Arrow” Console

Daniels Antiques / Pace 1940 PACES RACES “Red Arrow” Console
Pace 1940 PACES RACES "Red Arrow" Console
Pace 1940 PACES RACES "Red Arrow" Console

Pace 1940 PACES RACES “Red Arrow” Console


This beautiful Pace 1940 PACES RACES “Red Arrow” Console is a stunning display of ingenuity during the 1940s. As coin operated games grew in popularity, they also grew in competitiveness. The 1940s PACES RACES “Red Arrow” was the final RACES model created. This machine was introduced in June 1939, advertising ” 1940 “Red Arrow” PACES RACES/ New model just out. New low prices. $202.50 up for new 1940 models…for 30 days liberal trades for old RACES. Side panel with arrow piercing two big circles your guarantee of latest up-to-date improved 1940 models. With 100-to-1 flash Oak-Pot, remote control, check payout. All new models equipped with new anti-switch, non-checking foolproof device. 50% discount on all orders repair parts $20 or more. Motors 30%. None genuine except us. All others from used machines.”


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