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Vintage Green Hermès Humidor

Daniels Antiques / Vintage Green Hermès Humidor

Vintage Green Hermès Humidor


You might be surprised to find what became the world renown haute couture brand Hermès started off as a simple saddlery business in 1837 France. This business grew to become an important provider of high quality harnesses and bridles to the French upper class and won several awards for their craft. They popularized their Haut à Courroies bag, which was designed to keep the riders’ saddles. Émile-Maurice Hermès launched the brand as a couture business when he created an entire collection of women’s leather handbags after his wife complained about not being able to find one to her liking. After this, Hermès began partnering with stores such as Neyman Marcus and Bloomingdales, and they created a variety of high quality products such as Eaux de Parfums, square scarves, and Swiss watches which would establish it as a multifaceted brand, recognized for its array of luxury goods. 

This 1980 Hermès Humidor is one of such luxury items. Designed to maintain cigars’ moisture levels, this Hermès Humidor has an inside lining of cedar wood. The outside is a beautiful, vibrant green. For those non-smokers, this Humidor could also double as a jewelry box, or a box for any type of knick knacks, tools, and/or gadgets desired.


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