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 One thing is for sure: this is not your grandparent’s antiques shop.


In 1978, Michael Daniels, already a successful entrepreneur, opened the flagship antiques showroom.


“We quickly gained many prominent and loyal clients, both locally and internationally, because we would go out and search for exceptional antique pieces that just weren’t readily available or accessible to people at that time,” says Michael Daniels. Originally from England, the brothers would traverse their homeland and other European countries to acquire pieces that would meet both the requests and standards of their clients. “Traveling Europe and visiting private homes and manors was how we found these fantastic antique pieces, pieces that you can’t–you won’t–even find today. It was a hands-on experience, and it still is today.”


The Daniels family built upon their success in Hallandale to open their Aspen gallery in 2000. There, amongst other collections, they house a world-renown collection of 19th century Swiss Black Forest carvings. “Wood carving may be a lost art, but that is what makes it so sought after. It is a fine art medium that won’t ever be replicated again. These carvings are over 120 years old, and the wood was harvested from trees that were even older. They are some of the finest, most detailed wood carvings ever created,” said Simon Daniels, who runs the Aspen gallery with his father. In 2011, the Daniels family opened a third location on iconic Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, just fifteen miles north of where it all began decades ago. The Las Olas gallery is run by Jonathan, Michael’s other son, who displays their museum-quality antiques, rarities, and even contemporary art in an intimate and modern atmosphere.


Daniels Antiques continues to set the bar for luxury antiques and rarities, transcending the traditional idea of antiques into a space that is all their own.
Our collection is eclectic, but one mission dictates the acquisition of every single piece: find the finest examples of rarities and antiques ever produced that will appeal to the modern, discerning customer.
Fun Fact #2
Pieces found in the Daniels’ galleries can range from forty, fifty, or even over one hundred years old!
And they somehow fit just as easily into the decor of a modern high rise overlooking Biscayne Bay, as they would a traditional home in the mountains of Colorado.
Fun Fact #1
Michael and Simon Daniels are regarded as experts in the field of Swiss Black Forest carvings, co-authoring the book The Art of the Black Forest: Swiss Wood Carvings with Jay Arenski.
“For most people, what we have in here is not something they have seen before, especially presented in this manner. We are constantly changing, constantly evolving.” – Jonathan Daniels