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VROOM VROOM. It’s coffee time.

VROOM VROOM. It’s coffee time.


Everyone is acquainted with the massive Ferrari brand. When a Ferrari drives by roaring not a head is left unturned. Most of us appreciate them from afar, some are lucky enough to own them. Whether we are aficionados or casual admirers of the brand, one thing we can all agree on is the following: how absolutely AWESOME a Ferrari ESPRESSO MACHINE is.

This Ferrari Engine Espresso machine was created by the South African manufacturer Espresso Veloce as part of the company Super Veloce, which specializes in creating engine art that pays tribute to a selection of super cars as well as jets. It is a half-scale model of the F1 engine, and It is the 45th of only 380 units created. The components of the piece are all race-ready materials such as titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. The machine takes espresso capsules; it is compatible with Nespresso pods, for your convenience. 

The sleek, industrial aesthetic it provides is to die for. Its perfectly polished metallic look was designed to elevate any kitchen, bar, or leisure spot. It is one of the most attractive pieces we own for a reason; none of our guests can keep themselves from investigating this ingenious design (the best part is them figuring out it’s in fact a coffee maker and losing their minds). 

The Ferrari Tribute V12 espresso machine is one of the coolest gadgets out there that one can own. It belongs in the home of any coffee lover, car enthusiast, or literally anyone who wants to appreciate a fascinating and modern sculptural piece.