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Supersonic Flight, the Concorde G-BOAG

1970's Concorde G-BOAG Boardroom Model, Daniels Antiques

Supersonic Flight, the Concorde G-BOAG

The Concorde G-BOAG first flew in April of 1978.

The aircraft came to be thanks to the combined design and building efforts of both British and French aerospace companies. Through this collaboration 20 Concorde aircraft came to life between 1966 and 1979. Best known for their supersonic capabilities, the era of luxury travel came to an end due to the demand and rise in operating expense.

Bestowed with the model code G-BOAG, it is also known as “Alpha Golf.” It is powered by four Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus 593 Mk. 610 turbojet engines.

Can you believe that by the time it was retired in 2003, Alpha Golf logged more then 5,600 takeoffs and over 16,200 hours of airtime? Not only that but it set a speed record from New York City to Seattle at 3 hours, 55 minutes, and 12 seconds – flying supersonic over northern Canada for 1 hour, 34 minutes, and 4 seconds.

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