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Turn Heads With This Rolls-Royce Turbine Table!

Turn Heads With This Rolls-Royce Turbine Table!

This is a magnificent titanium turbine fan originally made by Rolls-Royce for the Pegasus engine.

Rolls-Royce Limited was founded by Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce in 1906. In 1973, the car division separated from its parent company to become Rolls-Royce motors, while Rolls Royce Limited continued until it was privatized in 1987 as Rolls-Royce Holdings plc. Now an aerospace and defense contractor, they are the third-largest maker of aircraft engines, and the 16th largest defense contractor in the world. Pegasus engines power all variants of Harrier aircrafts, allowing them to have a short take off vertical landing (STOVL) capability. This revolutionary capability eases take off from a naval ship, since it does not require a long runway. Many different militaries all over the globe utilize Harrier jets; nearly 1200 Pegasus engines have been produced and have accumulated nearly two million flying hours. The Rolls-Royce Pegasus is the world’s only operational STOVL engine, and has a thrust range of up to 23,800 lbf, which allows the plane multi-directional maneuverability.big-rr-4


This titanium Pegasus fan blade has been diligently hand polished to illuminate a lustrous finish. When the blade spins, it catches the light in the room wondrously.  Let this modern marvel sit with quiet power in your room.








Please Note: This table DOES come with a glass top that is customizable.