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The Albright Family Trunk and Who It Actually Belonged To

The Albright Family Trunk and Who It Actually Belonged To

At Daniels Antiques, we take pride in the history unique to each and every piece within our collection. One of our favorite pieces is our 1910 Albright Family Louis Vuitton Trunk.

Albright Family Trunk

John J. Albright (1848-1931) of Buffalo New York, was a leading businessman of the twentieth century as well as a philanthropist and socialite. This guy was crazy successful and retired at a very young age only to get back to work!



A painting of John J. Albright

A little introduction on the Alright Family and when I say little I mean not even scratching the surface. John Albright accomplished SO MUCH! Following graduation, by 1873 Albright sold coal whole sale with his business partner, Andrew Langdon at their firm Langdon, Albright, and Company. This partnership lead to the marriage of Albright to Langdon’s sister, Harriet.

Fun fact about Harriet and her brother Andrew Langdon: They were first cousins with Olivia Langdon Clemens. Now she was the wife of…..Samuel Langhorne Clemens! Still nothing? Okay, Samuel was also known as Mark Twain.

Together, John and Harriet Albright had three children (2 boys and 1 girl). Their second son, Langdon Albright, lived just around the corner from his father’s estate.



The Albright Estate

This specific trunk belonged to Langdon Albright’s Wife, Charlotte Spaulding. Their address is hand written by Langdon on the wonderfully preserved luggage tag. It reads, “Mrs. Langdon Albright, 120 Oakland Place, Buffalo, N.Y.” See Below. 




Her initials are beautifully monogramed on each side of the trunk. Charlotte Spaulding Albright.


albright family antique louis vuitton steamer trunk


What versatility this trunk has! Plenty of lower storage, a hat cage, and room for shoes and accessories. There is nothing quite like this piece.

louis vuitton antique steamer trunk

Check out that label!


vintage louis vuitton steamer trunk



This trunk truly symbolizes early twentieth century affluence, as did the Albright Family. It has seen the rise, the fall, and the resurrection of the American Dream. Check out the link below for inquiries!